Session 3

For part 1 presentations click here, for part 2 here
Review talk on collaborative models 30'
Henrik Rhedin [University of Gothenburg]
Part. 1 - The industrial point of view
1. Beyond credit cards & loans: building a collaborative environment with universities and research centers to foster innovation in banks 15'
Marcello Paris [UNICREDIT]
2. Open Innovation: moving beyond traditional frames... 15'
Lucia Chierchia [Electrolux]
3. The ST way to Open Innovation 15'
Delfo Nunziato Sanfilippo [STmicroelectronics]
4. The sky is the limit: bringing innovation & growth into space (and back) 15'
Matteo Angarano [SITAEL]
5. Looking deeper in the heart of matter: developing tools for particle physics, with particle physicists 15'
Nicola Paoli [CAEN]


Part 2 - the University point of view
6. The Swiss way to industry-academia collaboration [provisional title]  15'
Mauro Lattuada [EPFL]
7.  The Oxford way to industry-academia collaboration [provisional title] 20'
Tom Hockaday [ISIS Innovation Ltd]
8. Clustering biotech and pharma reserchers & companies to promote top quality projects [provisional title] 15'
Danilo Porro [SYSBIO, Bicocca University]
9.  From the dawn of the Universe to the web and beyond: innovation at CERN 15'
David Mazur [CERN]